First 100 LEDs off

The situation is this - I have a wemos d1 mini and a ws2812 strip of 100 LEDs. When using 100 pieces of LEDs, the tape does not light up, and when set to 100+ or ​​200, it lights up, but the effects are not complete. That is, with the effect of fire or others, only the upper part of the effect is visible. It seems that the addresses of the diodes do not start with 1, but with 101. Tell me how this can be defeated, I have already broken my whole head

Please post your setup and maybe a pics to figure out what might be wrong.

Firmware and settings are standard. only the access point, current strength and number of LEDs is 200. The problem was partially solved - I divided the tape into segments: 0 segment - 100 - 200 LED, 1 segment 0 - 100. Only problem - when choosing from favorites :white_heart: the division into segments is broken and reset to one segment. perhaps you need to add effects to your favorites already with effects divided into segments.