Flashing Issue Noob needs help

Please help!!! Any suggestions or ideas…

Hey guys this my first WLED setup using RGBW lefs with a esp32 5v and capacitor unfortunately I don’t have a level shifter yet as you can see in my video below I’m getting lots of flickering and color changes while set to low brightness white. The flickering happens across all colors and modes. Would this be because of the level shifter not being used or potentially a Fw issue like above post might suggest.
Running latest stable version 12 .


Also using 4 data pins but this issue was same running just one strip connected

If I do try a different version .bin what should I try and is there a way to backup my settings and restore too new fw .
Thanks in advanced

How long is your wires? If you don’t have a shifter and wires is long it will cause unstable work.
Yes you can back your setup. IP_address/edit

wow thanks for the ip/.edit excellent. I’ve added a sacrificial led x4 for each data pin has defiantly helped I now have no flashing / flickering yay, but for some reason now I have color issues like the police_all only shows red and the blue leds stay off, looks weird anyway I’m going to try flash a esp8266 see if that makes any diff and then tidy up my wiring as could be the issue as its been quickly slapped to gather for testing lol obviously this will get tidied up and cables upgraded but for now I want to get it all working first before I make it all permanent.
my wiring is all done with high quality ca6 and data jacks doubling up for + - and data probably a overkill.
once I get my level shifter ill Be away Wiring is terrible I know
Ill show it anyways no fires yet
Google Photos

I’m glad you have some improvements. First of all CAT6 cable is not good for addressable strips. You have to use proper cable. Calculate regarding your setup and use injection power if necessary.

the cat6 cable I’m using should be fine they are short runs longest 2.5 meters, the cable calculations easily workout within range and hardly any voltage drop if any at all. I’ve doubling up of the conductor’s increase the cables capacity better that the 3pair cable I had, but in any future install I do ill probably stick with the cheaper three core true rip cable as easier to work with and much cheaper lol, ill see how we go once I get a level shifter I’m fairly confidant that’s my issue now only time will tell though. thanks for the help

Problem with UPD cables is twisted pair. Serial signal is don’t like twisted pairs. Unless you convert to different protocol, which is not the case. Best bet is if you use 18AWG cable with shield for extra signal protection. And connect shield only on one side to GND as a drain. Trust me I know about wires quite a bit.