Group WLED nodes/instances

Hello WLED community,

first of all, I’d like to say thanks for your impressive work on this project! :+1: WLED & 3d printer are a top notch combination!

I’d like to make a suggestion with regard to usability of the WLED nodes/instances (most probable somebody else already had this idea, but I couldn’t find anything on a quick search)

Currently, I’m having ~8 WLED instances in my flat and it is very convenient to use the WLED-App for them (not only over browser). The problem is, that you have to start scrolling in the App to turn them on/off.
Would it be possible to implement ‘instances-groups’, e.g. ‘living room’ (devices 1,2,&3…), kitchen (5,6,7)? With one click you could start them and switch them off, set brightness levels, etc. I mean this in addition to the existing syncing feature. It could reduce the amount of instances on the main screen.

If you add a new device> additional ‘group’ option, where you can add X devices and their IPs/names. On the main screen in the App only the group name occurs and related settings are now for all devices in this group. So instead of ~7 devices, you could have 2-3 groups + individual instances. Maybe a small ‘expand group’ field next to the power button to show all nodes in the group and control them individually.

This would, in my humble opinion, enhance the usability a lot and it leaves the option for synchronizing (over groups/instances) unaffected.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Checkout DDP and Syncing (with groups) in the KB.
Likely can give you what you are trying.