Possibility to access all the segments of multiple instances on one screen / login

Wled is awsome as you must be well aware. I use it to run whole festival stages!!

Sometimes having as many as 15 esp32s running wled at once.

I’d love the ability to access all the segments from every instance from one screen / portal (may not be the right language) so I can make changes to the whole rig at once without having to switch bettween instances. They are all connected to the same router.

Ideally I’d like to save presets in this ‘mode’ too…

Is this possible?!


Excellent idea , some guys are trying that in multiple ways even using third units with other open sources like berry . In wled if you are on latest you can control on /off from instance list

For the time-being if you could spare an esp32 then you might consider adding your other units under one with DDP setup which will let you control all your units from one place

For the time-being if you could spare an esp32 then you might consider adding your other units under one with DDP setup which will let you control all your units from one place

I could add another unit but DDP is an alien concept to me, please could you point me in the right direction to figure this out?
Many thanks!

In this sitatuion on/off isn’t useful but its a nice feature for sure.

I’d also love to have access to effects and colours per segment on the same screen to save jumping back and forth when setting up presets… I’ll draw something out to explain

doing this in a festival environment means the simplest and least number of steps makes a big difference as I’m usually not at full capactiy

I like aliens but not found one yet , Under led preferences add your other lights as virtual with DDP , if they are on the same network then you will be able to create a segment for each or combine all of them into one fixture .

If you omit segment start and stop indices (indexes) from UDP broadcast, then all devices on the same UDP sync group as the one of the sender will display exactly the same effect on all relevant segments.

There is no need to DDP virtual devices.

I have it already like that when testing so sure if you want all the lights to act as one effects , I am not sure if the word segments in the post subject means to be able to only have all units with same effect ( or also control each segment or unit with different effects from central place ) . if that is the former then it is simple to do this way without the ddp mess i guess . I am an advocate of DDP because I use it a lot so do not be surprised to see we use it for a lot of tricks :smile:

The idea behind DDP is to extend a single WLED instance across multiple physical devices.

While the UDP sync is intended to have multiple devices play same effect on same segments as the master device, while the segment lengths may differ.

Accidentally it may happen that both will produce very similar end result. But that is purely coincidental.

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Yeah I get that . but as you already added the ability to control on/off from the instance list i see that as a good step for wled unit acting as a central place to control other units even with fine tuned control like scripting or playlist ( you do not know how much testing for open source projects we are doing try to do that ) . So until that happens , if it will , I have to use what we got and DDP implementation in wled is actually very good compared to other open source like Tasmota so we are just utilizing that . DDP might not be used a lot at the moment and I think it is just the simple fact it is not known feature but it does offer more control .

You can have as many DDP slaves as master allows (normally 10 for ESP32 but can only be 3 in case of ESP8266 or C3) while UDP broadcast can serve thousands of devices.

Yeah I tested that and have wondered about that limit for virtual leds to 10 and assumed it is just following the allowed number of busses for physical output due to restriction of using 10 pins on ESP32 .Say someone wants to connect 20 esp01s units each of only 10 leds with ddp and control each as a segment , DDP would have been very practical to use but the solution was also sync , that might be deeply impeded in code to really change but might be that is something that could add value to wled . I have setup more then 10 units for testing only but do not really have a use case to control that many at the same time so that is only purely for testing in my case so can not really ask that I need it . Well might be only for the master control unit which is more of a curiosity and does not really have to do with leds only , on and off for me from instance list is a good thing I hope that will also not be limited to 10

so below is the senario which hopefully you can point me in the right direction with as there seems to be a few options.

I have multiple esp32s each driving any number of pixels connected in a variety of configurations depending on the installation. I group these in segments so i can control the levels and effects of each area, eg bar, stage left, front of house etc.

These are currently spread over each esp so I have to swtich between the instances in the list to make adjustments across the whole setup.

I’d love a situation where I can collect all these segments (and have them named) on one screen and make changes in a single place.

As a feature request I’d love to see a page with each segment listed and the colours and effects under each one so its more intuative to make changes and save multiple segment presets… something like this

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thank you, im gona try this to start with, looks like it might give me what i need…

i use UDP to send data from a processing sketch in more complex setups so i know how powerful it is but I’m looking for a simple setup for installations without running a laptop, just utilising the WLED system as it’s super robust and I can control it all from a phone on the go

For what you have said now yes DDP is what you want to use if each unit is to have different effects but blaz is the developer so I cant really say it can’t be done with normal sync or other feature you like to see

For the scenario described above DDP may be the only option but it will hide actual physical layout.

Perhaps a better option would be to use external controller like xLights, Jinx, or similar. Resolume was also mentioned elsewhere.

I’ve used this sort of setup at festivals and it works a treat but I’m also developing a system that can work without running a laptop or additonal software for harsh environments.

I’ve got another year till I’m back in the desert with this kit so hopefully can figure something by then… :slight_smile:

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I’m really curious to see some video of the stages that you run, and what the output looks like. I’ve got a Lightkey + DMX setup at the moment, but looking to add some LED strips into that with WLED.

DMX Universes get very numerous, and for Lightkey, that means costly, since they charge by universe (Yearly license)

I use custom code written in processing sending data over udp to the wled instances

I also run a local server that receives opc data and have a usb>dmx box that transmits this to the dmx fixtures like the uv and blinders at the back of this stage.

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