HA integration : Missing icon when WLED on


I have 7 WLED (0.12.0 on D1 Mini) integrated with HA. All works very well, except, for two of them, the icon is missing in HA when the WLED is on. The icon is present when the WLED is off. The problem is present on integration too.

I moved my HA from docker to a VM, and the problem is still present.

Thanks in advance for any subjection.

I had the same problem - the icon IS there, but as your lights are white…so is the icon!
If you change the lights to another colour you’ll see.

Thanks, @PistolPete for the tips!!! You solved a long mystery :slight_smile:

I think the color chose shouldn’t be there because it doesn’t change the color of the light.

Unfortunately, the color comes back to white after a moment (restart of HA, maybe).