WS2801 White calibration issue

Hi Folks,

I tried several things to get it working, however I can’t. Maybe someone here could give me a hint, I would be truly grateful:

System: WS2801 with WLED on NodeMCU an 5V 10A power supply.

I have also succesfully integrated LibreElec with Hyperion to WLED and it is working.

However, I have the problem that “white” color (either in WLED or over Hyperion) is not shown as white but as “pink”. All other standard colors appear as they should be (green, red, yellow, blue)

In order to get “white” color LEDs I have to go massive into “light green” in WLED.

Is there any hint, how I can get white to be white or what migth be the issue?

Thanks a lot for your help


Additional pics:


What version of WLED are you running?
Have you looked at the White Balance Correction under Config->LED Preferences?

Thanks for your answer!

I have the latest github release installed and I See the “White Balance” slider in WLED.

However, this seems not to help in this topic for me, since I would have to go into the “green” direction in WLED in order to see white at my LEDs.

What I would need is to “pick” the right white for me and assign that to the “normal” white. Or to find out what’s the reason for having all colors right despite the white and correct the root cause.

Aside from the actual colour pickers on the main screen, there are “White correction” checkboxes in the underlying Config screens as well. Worth some research.

I’m just seeing this “White Balance Correction” under Config → LED Preferences which seem not to help with my specific issue…