One Red, One Green, and One Blue Pixel When Trying to Display Solid Color

I’ve just gotten WLED setup for the first time. I’m using one WS2812B RGB (30 pixels/meter), ESP8266/NodeMCU, and 5v/60W power supply, and WLED_0.10.2_ESP8266.bin. I’m having an issue where I have a persistent red, green, and blue pixel. See screenshot, I’m trying to display solid white but even in the peek there are those 3 colored pixels. Can anyone help? What am I doing wrong?

Have you setup any segments? Only thing that pops into my mind.

I had some weird things going on with one of my WLED installations. In my case, the first half the pixels were dark except for a few random pixels. In my case it happened when I accidentally hit sync. Thing is, I couldn’t get back to normal. I tried deleting and recreating segments, rebooting and power-cycling, but they didn’t make any difference. What finally fixed things was factory resetting the EEPROM in the Security and Update settings.

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While reading along with the weird things, and seeing “accidentally hit sync”, I was about to suggest that very thing you did to fix it.

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Hi! Although I can’t find the corresponding thread, another user had this exact problem before.
The solution @easp suggested should solve the problem :slight_smile:
If it still happens, you’ll need to install esptool and erase the flash completely using erase_flash and reflash WLED.