How can I create my own effects?

Hi Guys,

I installed a single 1M 60LED strip on the top of my front door outside of my house.
What I’m trying to accomplish is having simple lighting effects indicate different things.

I have a smart lock, when unlocked, it will auto relock after 4 minutes.
I would like the Strip to lightup once the door is unlocked, and then have the lights gradually turn off until that 4 minutes is reached or door is locked.

I have other ideas as well, and they would require me to create me own effects (simple stuff like only have the 2 last LEDs ON a certain color or something.

These would basically be codes that only I would understand as I’m walking into the house
IE: is the kid sleeping? is the wife sleeping? is the wife home?

My question is: How can I create my own effects like the 4 minute countdown?
I’m using HomeAssistant, WLED is integrated.

Are you able to set the speed of effects using the HA WLED integration? If so, can you set it slow enough that it takes 4 minutes to transition from effect #1 to effect #2, where effect #1 is for unlocked, and effect #2 is locked.
You can go from solid color #1 (yellow) to solid color #2 (green), or from effect #1 (the cylon effect) to effect #2 (brightness 0).

Hi Danny,

i can’t help you with the creation of own effects, but the gradually turn off is super easy with HomeAssistant.
I use this vice versa for a wakeup light :wink:

You need the “transition”-effekt in your automation.
You can set an own duration that the lights need to change from one state to the next.

Complicated to explain. Just look at my code and you’ll understand :wink:

platform: state
entity_id: [YOUR DOOR LOCK]
from: [CLOSED]
to: [OPEN]

#Light on 100%

  • service: light.turn_on
    entity_id: [YOUR DOOR LIGHT]
    brightness_pct: 100 #brightness in percent
    rgb_color: [255, 255, 255] #choose the color you want

#Fade to zero

  • service: light.turn_off
    entity_id: [YOUR DOOR LIGHT]
    transition: 240 #time in seconds

I don’t know if it works with “light.turn_off”. If the light turns off immediately, you have to modify the “Fade”-service -> Fade down from 100% to 1% brightness and a last service for turning the light off:

  • service: light.turn_on
    entity_id: [YOUR DOOR LIGHT]
    brightness_pct: 1
    transition: 240

  • service: light.turn_off
    entity_id: [YOUR DOOR LIGHT]

You need 2 spaces before brightness_pct, transition, rgb_color for the right formation. Don’t know how the display it here correctly.


Please tell me how do you manage with the home assistant?