How do I control multiple esp8266 led controllers from one app?

Hello, new to all this. Literally just learned these existed two weeks ago and jumped in both feet first. I have built a wall decoration with 6 zones of led strips. I have each zone wired to a single ESP8266. So I have 6x esp8266 boards. My thinking was that I could control each zone from a single app but I am having trouble now. I flashed each board, and I tested each strip before installing. When I power up all the boards come on but when I go into wled I dont know how to program them individually. I assume I can add the boards to a list or group and name them? Do they have to be connected to wifi to do this? I did search but being new to all terms i’m not exactly sure where to start. Thanks in advance.

If you want to access all of them at the same time you would need them connected to the same wifi network. When your phone is connected to the same network you can discover them all in the app.

Connecting your phone’s wifi to WLED-AP is just connecting it to 1 esp8266’s built in access point. That’s why you are not seeing all of them.

I had a feeling that was the case. Thx for the quick answer.

One last thing, I am at work setting this up and programming everything. If I connect to my work wifi to do the setup will it be very hard once I transition home? Hoping all I have to do is connect to wifi at home?

If you mean that you connected them to your work wifi are taking the esp’s home with you, you would need to connect to each of them one at a time at home and enter your home wifi details. You could also enter your home wifi details at work and when you bring them home they should join your home wifi.

It would also be a good idea to reserve static ip addresses for each esp in your router so that other devices never hijack the ip’s for themselves.

If you are leaving the esp’s at work and are wanting to access them when at home you would not be able to do that. You need to be connected to the same network to access them.