How do I flash a Wizmote?

Apparently I bought the wrong wizmote to control WLED.
I already have 3 working WLED lights with the correct wizmote RC’s.

Here I already found an apparent bin to flash onto the wizmote.

I probably will need something like this.

But then, which pins do I need to be able to flash that bin onto the wizmote?

I’m a complete noob at this btw.

Thanks in advance for anyone helping me out.

What’s the inside board of the Wizmote look like (both sides)?

You have it nicely labeled: IO0, RX, TX, GND (and Vcc missing labels).
Connect those to the UART flashing stick.

AURT flashing stick got delivered today so i tried it with my little knowledge.
I connected 5V to the only unlabeled pin.
At first I got errors but, rather quickly, I figured out I needed to put it in “formatting” mode.
Didn’t know if IO0 had to be pulled high or low for this but a brief Google search got me the answer.
Using my breadboard to extract GND to multiple points it worked like a charm.
Remote flashed succesfull and the only thing I had to update was the MAC address in WLED settings.

You are lucky, ESP is not 5V tolerant.

Ok, good to know because I have another 2 controllers to flash.
Anyway, good info for future visitors here.
Thank you for that.