Is it possible to automate segment offsets?

So, I made the boneheaded move and hung some 60LED/m SK6812 strips thinking “mOrE lEd BeTtEr”. Welp, I can’t really run that many and turns out, I don’t need to! I found that lighting every third LED is just as good as running all of them. I wrote some custom firmware and had it working pretty well rotating through LEDs to keep the burn time even across the strip.

Now I want more out of my strip. WLED is always my goto for controlling LEDs, but I cannot figure out how to rotate through the strip. Currently, I have a single segment that has a spacing of 3. I noticed there is an offset that will do exactly what I need, but I want to automate it. Here is my question: How can I automate the offset to rotate every n-hours for a given segment?

Thank you ahead of time!

use playlist with clever presets
JSON API is your friend

I tried something along those lines, but making it play nice in HA is a pain. Can I implement this on the ESP32 or will it have to be external?

So I played a bit more with it and your solution checks out. Regarding HA, it seems that it will take some configuring to get a switch to turn on/off with said playlist. I gotta fuse a select and toggle together somehow.

agreed. become a master of segment and playlist control.

segment control has many possibilities
Check my video out. something new to get your teeth into maybe… lol

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Jason is a stranger to me lol.
How do I suggest a feature request