Is it possible to call 2 or more presets at a time?

Hey group. I have this old antique hotel control box with 4 lamps (LED) and 4 buttons.
I use it to control Homeassistant and to show alarms and stuff. The 4 LEDs are addressable and they run WLED on a nodemcu. It seems to work fine.

My newest problem is that I (for example) would like to call the 4 LED independently.
I hoped that it was possible to make a bunch of presets and then “trigger” them from node red. When I activate preset 1 - preset 1 lights up as it should. When I activate preset 2 - preset 2 lights up as it should - but preset 1 shots down in the same second. It seems that it is only possible to run one preset at a time.

I would love some input how to solve this problem in one way or the other.
Thanks in advance.