I have a few KHSUIN RGBW bulbs from amazon (link) which I would like to flash with WLED for synchronized control with my other RGB LED strips.

I have been able to flash Tasmota which works to control the bulb properly, but I prefer the controls of WLED.

I tried flashing all of the ESP8266 and ESP01 bin files from the WLED releases page. They all create a working web gui, but none of them allow control of the bulb color. The ESP8266 bin files give an error of “WLED Error 2” in the web gui. The ESP01 files don’t report any error, but still fail to control the bulb.

I’ve tried checking the box for “RGBW” in LED settings with no improvement.

Please let me know what next steps I can take to troubleshoot. I can provide the log files if needed, but please recommend the best practice for uploading or linking them.

Error 2 is a flash error. Check the flash size of the ESP in the bulb.

Looks like flash size may be 1MB. Which is the proper bin file to use for ESP8266 with 1MB flash?

Also, once flashed, how do I setup WLED to properly control the PWM pins for this light?