Leds get brighter briefly when a refrigerator or lamp comes on

Hello, I have a question about the ws2812b leds.
If I turn on a lamp or a refrigerator or the refrigerator comes on automatically then the leds will flash how can I fix this

ws2812b: 15m
And this power supply:

  • Put the 300W P/S onto a different plug / socket, hopefully one on a different circuit breaker.
  • Get different P/S, maybe one with better DC regulation (meaning, it will have more capacitors to smooth out the DC voltage, and also means it can handle larger AC voltage transients like you are seeing
  • Add capacitor across output of the P/S - rated for 300W (preferably higher)

If it is not related to the power supply blinking and instead is because the data line is routed near an AC line, move the data line further away from all AC lines (~20cm might be enough)

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