Macro or JSON api - control only white channel, leave RGB colours untouched?

Is it possible to control only the white channel of an led strip programattically?
AFAIK you need to send white channel brightness as part of an RGBW array?

Read the current state, change only the W values, rewrite?

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Thanks for the suggestion, could likely figure this out from homeassistant & json, would it be possible natively in wled macro?
I’d effectively like a macro GPIO button to toggle just the white channel on/off

Reading further it may be possible via http api call.
I had been getting lost with json and trying to extract values from presets.
In the docs “&W=” should set white channel alone and if I can do this in a macro then I can achieve what I want to do.
Going to experiment with that now and see.

edit: this works as a macro so assuming I can do this externally also via http api rather than json.

Just a word of note: HTTP API (though not yet deprecated) is no longer evolving. It may become deprecated at some point in the future.

Thanks for the forewarning.
That is why I was stuck on trying to find a json API solution as I had read that was the preferred option.
Perhaps edge cases like this might stand as reason not to deprecate in future…
With your work on white channel handling in the latest beta, I effectively can have 2 independent lights in one strip now, fx/colors & white channel. Thank you!

I’ll continue looking for json API solutions as my setup evolves.

Open an issue on GH, requesting separate W & RGB control in JSON API.

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Ok I will do, was reluctant to raise on github as didn’t want to spam with issues.


Wow! Amazing. Phenomenal work, thank you.