Magic Home RGBW Controller


I’m trying to flash a bunch of magic home controllers with wled.

firmware was compiled with esp8285_4CH_MagicHome env and extended with this flags to save memory:

flash is successful and the first connect to the wled-AP works.


on the first page I get following warning/error:

Unexpected token < in JSON ap position0

and directly after that, on each buttonpress the following message:

Error 10: Could not mount filesystem!

Saving settings and/or presets are also not possible

What works: controlling (on, off, color, 1D effects)

have someone any idea? (i know, memory is to small, just 1m)

Ready bin can be found here

cool, but I have other pinout ((

I found the reason for the problem but not the solution.

the problem is the version of WLED. It occurs with the version v0.11.0p Mirai.
I tryed to compile the 0.10.2 and it works like a charm without errors.

But my intension is to use the better 0.11.0 version. I think I have to open a bug in dithub

nice Forum.
Is it possible to flash from tasmota to WLED ota? Or do I have to open that tiny box again?

I tryed this things:
“Downgrade” to tasmota mini image.
Then tryed to flash WLED_0.11.0_ESP8266_1M.bin and WLED_0.11.0_ESP8266.bin thru ota (tasmota integrated webpage)


There is possibility that from Tasmota to WLED but Tasmota have to be version before they start check on firmware. As I recall prior to version 7. And to have ability to do OTA in the future use WLED_0.11.0_ESP8266_1M_OTA.bin

you can disable this check on tasmota

setoption78 1

this command enables the downgrade function.
I “downgraded” my novastella bulbs with this command

Hi… how did you resolve this issue?

I’m getting a similar issue with v11 on an ESP32 WROOM… see my issue description at:

I just pulled the most recent version from git an bult a binary.

if it doeas not help, open a bug in git

That binary doesn’t exist :slight_smile: no OTA on 1M boards in 0.11 anymore :frowning: FS is too big

Oh, 0.11 is not. I forgot # Unsupported environment due to insufficient flash