Matrix illuminated Lego storage cabinet

Hi all,

Quick introduction, I’m vijv from the Netherlands and working on a fully automated Lego room.

Some years ago we moved to a 500 yrs listed house and mentioned Lego room is located on one of the top floors. This big space finally gave me the opportunity to create the most fantastic multi-purpose Lego workshop, on which I have been working for the past two years. The room has a surface of 9x5mtrs and is 7mtrs high.
All of my wishes have been implemented, most important to create a non-standard Lego room with just cabinets stacked full with models.
The room has several area’s:

  • Big (automated) desk space with 4 working areas, not only for my own creativity, but also to be used as workshop and instruction area (we do a lot of educational Lego robotics stuff) (finished)
  • 8mtr long automated display cabinet, from which all (individual automated) Lego models can be controlled from a touchscreen (finished, will be adding more automated models as they are completed)
  • Over the top Lego decorated roof (finished)
  • Big Lego storage cabinet, with transparent drawers lit from the back (finished, or so I thought…)

And the last project is where I’m here for. The storage cabinet is impressive how it is, lighted from the back, but several visitors have joked about finding bricks by lighting the drawers. And you guys understand this will be the first renewal project after finishing the whole Lego room just weeks ago.

Above is a year old picture of the cabinet, you get the idea. Standard LED strips are placed vertically behind all stacks of drawers, 17 stacks and 312 drawers in total.
My plan is to replace all LED strips and mount 3 addressable LED’s behind every drawer.
As the display cabinet runs on Domoticz (with touch screen), I want to extend the new storage cabinet to the same Domoticz system: just add several floor plans filled with images of bricks and for every single brick a button to call a effect in WLAN and lit out the combined drawer.

For this I have to make 2 matrixes as I have 2 different heights of drawers in the cabinet.
As far as I can see, the 3 LED’s behind a single drawer can be grouped to work as a single LED.
The only thing I can’t find an answer for is the effects, I think there will be 312 new effects needed, one for each drawer.

My question is if one of you has ever tried to write a 2D effect and is willing to give me some hints.

Oh and I will try to keep this topic updated the coming year, the first materials for this project will arrive the coming weeks and (between some other bigger projects we have running in the house) I can start prototyping soon.