Meteor Shower Rain Lights possible

Is it possible to create Meteor Shower Rain Light effect using several 30 led strips using a QuinLED-Dig-Uno or Quad that I can put on the front of my house similar to this:

Meteor Shower Rain LED String Lights


I guess it’s already done with segments.

I have standalone Meteor Shower lights in blocks of 8 and the effect only looks good when all are falling independently at random times. This means each output to the 30 led’s would have to be somehow randomised. Staging them to all fall together would be a simple task but wouldn’t look that great.

Thanks guys, being playing with Meteor effect today - hopefully I can do it with 2 x QuinLED-Dig-Quad’s - that would give me 8 channels.

Or one of these. The HC800 which also supports 8 channels and very cheap.

Looks good, but struggling to find out any info on it - does it work with WLED?

Since it says “amplifier” I’d assume it has no controller. It just buffers the signal.

It simply takes a data signal, amplifies it and gives you 8 outputs. I have one currently running 6 WS2812b outputs from a ESP 8266 controller. Excepts data and clock signals so works with most other controllers as well.

Some info on the below link.

Likely too expensive, but if you used a controller for each and synced them, they would not be exactly synced, so it may get you what you want. :wink:

Just finishing off another QuinLED-Dig-Quad, I’m going to try two of them - thanks all.

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I am alos in a project for meteor lights. Regarding the QuintLED or HC800: How do they randomize the different meteor lines ?

I would avoid to spend one controller fpr each meteor tube as that would result in 24 of them in my case.

A simple solution is to use a PC sending json commands to the controllers to control specific segments on each strip and issue the start commands with randomly selected a controller and segment, with some random time differences.

A less simple solution would be to use xLights to control them all.

One programming solution could be a usermod that allows all the WLEDs to talk to each other. The usermod would coordinate / randomize which segment out of all segments (from all WLED instances) gets started next, and how much delay before starting it.

I have only ONE controler connected to all tubes in sequence. If i use api calls, all tubes are in sync with meteor or meteor smooth effect (#76 and #77)

Using the JSON API, segments can be established and controlled. Are you not aware of the json api? Check the wiki.