MIDI with WLED (miledy) eg Abledon Push2

Guys, I do love Wled and have various instances around. Also 8 do have a microphone beat sync on a mobile strip. Wled made my world better! Also my son loves it. Great to learn hardware and software configuration

This is maybe a too tricky question for me but I don’t simply know. Can a midi control Wled? Ideally I would like an Abledon Push2 step sequencer etc to control my strip/s. I don’t use mine for music much but it would be nice to connect segments to 64 buttons with RGBw backlights themselves.

Well this is a lovely example for the lights themselves but I would like to sync WLED (if possible) see example (not me, great idea by this guy) https://youtu.be/-H-UmlGf49Q?si=Xfsr0EACV9dRHZr9