Need help 12v(or24v cozylady)

So I am running 12v (but the strips hot line says 24v)
Cozylady LED Lights Strip 65.6FT, Ultra-Long Music LED Strips Lights for Bedroom, Color Changing String Lights for Room Decor, Bedroom Decor, RGB Lights for Children’s Room

So there analog LEDs Wich is fine cause for the lengths I need it wouldn’t be practical to buy digital. Looking for some help in how to control them with a d1 mini ik I’ll have to step up the power to traditionally control it but could I hotwire the IR reciever? Or would it just be easier to step it up and how many additional items would I need?

See KB Getting Started. there is a sample schematic for analog LEDs.

So mine r showing 24v on the strip with a volt meter so I’d need to get mosfette to go up to 24? And is that for each color or for the whole strip

You’ll need 1 MOSFET for each channel you’re driving.
R,G,B => 3 drivers.
R,G,B,W => 4 drivers.

And yes they need to be spec’d for the strip voltage AND the maximum current you could expect the strip to draw through each channel.