Need help with animated staircase usermod - ESP 8266

Yo folks
Ive compiled the animated staircase usermod and flashed the binary.

I have manual control over the LED working perfect but struggling to implement the sensors.

Currently i am just shorting pins to replicate the sensors.

Board: ESP8266 nodemcuv3

GPIO Pins:
Top Trigger: gpio 5 (D1)
Top Echo : -1 (does this mean gnd?)

Bottom Trigger: gpio 4 (D2)
Bottom Echo: -1

Any help would be great!

Top Echo : -1 means you this PIN is currently undefined.
use any available GPIO of your board (and specify it instead of -1)

Note: Shorting Pin to emulate a sensor is a Bad Idea.

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I actually tried setting other pins also but no joy!

I assumed shorting a pin would be okay as its no different to it working like a button/relay? just closing a contact?

Thanks for the reply!

As usual “It Depends” on what you’re shorting to.
But if you’re “shorting” exactly as you would wire a switch in place of the short there should be no physical damage. You might get a whack more switch bounce than the software expects though.

I haven’t dug through that usermod to see whether Top Echo and Bottom Echo are intended as inputs or outputs. You might want to have a look around for comments on that either in the code or around the forum…

What sensors are you planning to use?
If it’s HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor then you have written on the board all 4 pins required (V+, trigger, echo, GND)