New controller SP511E

I mentioned about editing preset 1 with whatever your segment config is. So if you used my presets, you’ll have to do that.

Thanks @Artacus , done, changed your 52 to my 100 value.
And about button actions?


What the buttons do is up to you decide. On these, I’ve been setting one button to cycle up and down through effects and the other cycle up and down through palettes.

but buttons values are the presets defined before at home page?

The values you enter for short, long, double press are the id’s of the presets. So 101 would turn it off.

Hey All! Great discussion and information so far. Just wanted to share my small mod to get 2 data lines. Thanks to @divsys for his snooping of the board. I initially had put the second data line on GPIO15, but bitbanging + using RX (the worst of the 3 good pins) + SR to drive 400 fairy lights (200 per line) just wasn’t working too well. So, I moved the second data line to TX on the point closest to the ESP (left side of R8). This worked fine for my fairy lights and they do not have a strong pull low at boot, but I tested with some 5V bullets and the ESP failed to boot due to TX being pulled low. So, I added a 10k SMD resistor between the 3v3 and TX pads. Of course, I’ll need to remove this to serial flash again (maybe? It might work as is), but it now works pretty well in my application. No level shifter needed as, at least, this SP511E is earmarked for my Christmas tree and the distances are short enough that it’s working fine.

Here’s the SMD resistor image (didn’t let me attach 2 images to 1 post as a new user)

Hello everybody. Again with the sp511E. I thought that I could connect a second strip to control it separately from main one. But I am not sure about it.
First strip is an ws281x, and second will going to be sk6812rgbw.
Is it possible to do it?
I have this setup

But I am not sure that Pin for second is working, because both lights on together. This will no any problem, the issue is that the sk6812 don’t shows solid colors, always rainbow colors.


a bit more of info: changing 1: to sk6812 and 2: to ws281x the situation changes:
now sk6812 is working well, but sk6812 shows random colors.

It seems that WLED is not accepting mixed stripes, could be?

Did you follow divsys directions on hooking up additional pins? As it is delivered, both connectors are on same pin

No, sorry. I understood that this mod was for 3 strips, and didn’t understand that to take apart de second was necessary too to do something.
My skills and knowledge are too too low, very basic, and my English is not so fluent, sometimes I have difficulty to understand in the right way the posts.
By the other hand, I can reproduce accurate, step by step, lot of DIY things!..

So, it is needed the mod, right?

Yes, if you want to run two types of LEDs on that controller you will need to follow the divsys guide so each connector is on a different data pin. You’d need to be proficient at soldering very small connections. At $8 each, it likely makes sense to just buy a second controller.

I think the same… thanks!

First time user of sp511e with wled here, so greetings to all and appologies for potentialy a very dumb question but I want to be prepared so rather asking… In the @Artacus tutorial (thank you so much for helping non tech experts to do such things!!) there is a sentence “…Unplug the CP2102 from your USB port, position the clip over the pads, and plug the CP2102 back in…” Is it mandatory if using a diy clip? I do not fully get it why do I need to unplug and than plug back again the cp2102? Is it some off/on trigger for the sp511e board? Or some shorting risk prevention? Or…? Tnx in advance!

It is because the CP210x will stop trying to communicate if there is no board there.

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Thank you very much for clarifying this! I am waiting for my Cp2102 to arrive and really looking forward to try to flash an sp511e following your guidance and using your compiled firmware. I am having an old usb to rs232 adapter but from what I can read it seams that it can not replace the uart adapter in this case, so I have to wait, but really looking forward. Tnx man

Dear @Artacus I would kindly ask you for your opinion if this USB interface converter - Joy-IT usb adapter potentially can be used instead of the one you are referring to in your guide. I am asking because this one is available for me in local shop and the one you are using is travelling to me from China so I need long waiting… tnx

Every ESP dev board that I’ve seen has used either the CH340 or CP210x. Both will work just fine. I just picked the CP210x to simplify the discussion.

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Thank you! :+1:

For what it’s worth, I used a FTDI-clone based USB-serial board and my own rough and ready clip (I just bent down 5 pins from an old laptop IDE connector - it was the right pitch).
Those kinds of boards can be notoriously lousy.
Followed Artacus’ excellent tutorial and flashed a dozen boards no sweat.
Worst part was holding the clip in place to make sure all the contacts met.