New controller SP511E

Bending two of the pins under so they hooked on the bottom edge of board and let you hold the clip in place with two fingers was honestly the most clever part of the whole tutorial. :slight_smile:

But yeah, 2 minutes to disassemble, flash and reassemble. Another 2 minutes to boot, connect and upload the 3 JSON files (cfg.json, presets.json, ir.json). Although, the last batch I got, the bottoms were a lot harder to get off. It felt like they started gluing them together.

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Don’t underestimate the power of documenting a process that works.
There’s very likely 12 (or more) different ways to accomplish what you’ve described.
Unfortunately there’s at least 1200 that won’t

I’m a huge fan of building on success - thanks again :+1:

Jupi! I can gladly report full sucess following the guide here! Thank you. Yesterday I was “stuck” with regular sp511e and now I have one beutiful tiny WLED sound reactive machine with plenty of power to control pixels! Tnx once more, @Aircoookie for building the beautiful and smart wled as well as @Artacus for enabling non experts to implement wled on sp511e!

Yes, the holding part is notoriously hard although it seams so easy before you try! :slight_smile: I had somewhere arround 10 attempts to finaly get one sucess! LoL

Glad to hear folks are enjoying these. There’s just no comparison between WLED and FairyNest. After about 3 tries, go get someone to plug it in and mash the enter button while you hold.

One thing…
If I load the @Artacus presets file, the Home Assistant integration don’t detect the SP511E alive. I can’t interact with the controller, but it continues working OK directly from web portal.
If I delete the presets to return to original contents the WLED returns to be available again from Home Assistant.
I know that this post isn’t about HA, but maybe somebody could try, or maybe there is a reason.


I don’t know much about how HA integration works. I’m curious if HA sets up some presets at 100 - 110 range.

Try removing the “macro” presets from that (all IDs 100+) and see if it works.

Hi there,
many thanks to the new SoundReactiveSW! One thing is still missing for me to get it perfect.
My actual hardware is a SP511e board. All working fine with the b3 SW, instead MQTT.
So I did my own build (config see below), but same issue. MQTT Parameters will not be saved in GUI.
What can I do do get both active SoundReactive and MQTT?
Many thanks!

Hello, this seems like an old topic that I just came across but I was hoping someone may be able to help. Currently I flashed the sound reactive version linked here 13-b3. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the new music effects from b4. from what I can see there is a few new sr modes and also the music note in the effects section is a nice touch. maybe someone could link me to the right direction to compile this myself if no one else can.

I posted the config to compile SR about the 10th post in the thread.

Skyrider, did you ever figure the music buttons out? I can’t seem to find the information needed to be able to use POS 9x1 to cycle through each Sr mode with each press.

Would anyone know where the information is and can link me or can post the json code I need to plug into the ir file?

It would be nice to have the POS 9x1 music bottom to go something like preset 1-15 then back to 1 I’m ascending order and pos 9x2 go in descending order with each press of the buttons.

Great news

There was an issue with preset scrolling with bounds. Blaz fixed it some time after b3, I’m not sure if the fix is in b4 or not. Once we have that fix, you can get your music buttons (both IR and on the enclosure) to cycle through just your music presets. If you look on the “Tips” section of the JSON IR Remote documentation, I describe how to do this.

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Does anyone know the reason for the high LED memory usage on my SP511E?

I’ve entered 266 LEDs, but I need 268.
Running v0.13.0-b6 SP511E_2M.bin from WLED-wemos-shield/resources/Firmware/WLED_wemos_shield/v0.13.0-b6 at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub

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My nodes running SR 0.13.0_b3 show 5000 B. Not sure why the 20% reduction.

You are using GPIO3 which uses a lot more memory than the others. See here. Multi-strip Support - WLED Project

Thanks for the information @Artacus and @tonyno

  • GPIO3 is the third pin that allows hardware driving on ESP8266. However, it uses 5 times as much memory per LED as GPIO 1 and 2, so use it only for low LED counts (recommended <50)

Specifically for the SP511E, does that mean additional modifications to the controller is required to ideally use GPIO1 or 2 for the strip instead of 3?

Divsys wrote up a great guide for modifying the SP511E. Looks like gpio 1 is your best bet because 2 is used for the power button. SP511E Upgrade project

Hi guys. The max ampere is stated with 6A. Is this correct? Can I power about 250 ws2812b LEDs through this thing? Should I stay with a max of 6A?

6A is pretty optimistic given the barrel connector they use for power, they’re normally only rated to 3A.
Rough guesstimate on 250 LED’s @ 0.3W/LED => 75W worst case maximum. If they’re 5V strips, you’re looking at 15A maximum. Not a good idea to try and use the little wires (20AWG at best) coming out of SP511E to try and supply that. Even at 12V, you’re still looking at 6.25A and those wires will guarantee voltage drops.

Now nothing says you have to supply power through the SP511E. You can power the strip with separate power wires and the SP511E with it’s own (same or different PSU as you wish). As long as you connect data and ground from the SP511E to the strip, you’re good to go.

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