Novostella Flood Light Support

This flood light is flashable with Tuya Convert and works with Tasmota but I’d like support in WLED to take advantage of E1.31. It’s been discussed briefly on PR and also Discord. It’s RGBWW and similar to H801 but with a slightly different pinout.

I just thought I’d mark a permanent place for discussion about adding it.

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I found an LED flood on Amazon and it uses the ESP8266. Will need to check this out as well.

I have the Novastella flood lights (currently with esphome on them). And have been meaning to try out wled with them. I believe the analog code is now in the master branch, so the next release should have it. You’d probably need to compile from source to adjust the pins for it. If I get some time in the next few days I will give try to build the master branch and try it out and report back.

The Novostella Flood lights are well liked by “the community” and the 2-pack of them frequently go on sale so they end up costing ~$30 each.

Yes, I saw the analog code being worked on and I think it is in the code now but as you say we would need to compile our own source which isn’t ideal. I’d like to see WLED expand a bit like Tasmota so that it’s easy to assign GPIO pins. This would then open up being able to integrate WLED into many different RGB(WW) bulbs.

Has anyone had any luck running WLED on the novostella flood light yet? I have a couple I’d love to start testing before I buy a bunch more.

Bumping this here in case anyone has tried this yet. I haven’t really been following along with WLED since April

Jumping into this as well, I’ve successfully converted my Novostella floods with Tuya-convert but I am trying to utilize E1.31 on them. I attempted to compile the Arduino sketch provided by “The Hook Up” (E131-MQTT-RGBW-Lights/E131RGBW_MQTT_Novostella.ino at master · thehookup/E131-MQTT-RGBW-Lights · GitHub) but I cannot get it to compile (ex. exit status 1, Error compiling for board Generic ESP8166 module). Anyone have some thoughts?

I know it has been a while, but WLED support with 0.13+ is all you need now (no custom compilation required). I did a writeup here.

I don’t know if I would buy any more, because the recent versions are not vulnerable to tuya-convert, which means you have to break the glass and solder to reprogram it.