OK to cut addressable strip somewhere besides pads?


I’m building an installation of WS2812b strips (30 LEDs/m) in aluminum channel. Since the channel must be cut to certain lengths for this project, the strip doesn’t always make it to the end. If I could cut the strip about 0.3 inch (~7 mm) before the last solder pad, I could fit one more LED at the end of each run. I notice that each pixel has only an LED package and a nearby capacitor (I’m using the common BTF-Lighting strips).

If I’m careful not to cut out a capacitor, is it safe to cut into the strip somewhere besides the pads? I don’t need the pads at the end, as I won’t be extending the strips.



Should be fine, but don’t do that with the power on. :wink:

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OK! Thanks. :smile:

A related question: Do I need to worry about a short if the end touches the aluminum channel? I could wrap the edge with bit of gaff tape or electrical tape.


OK. Perfect! I’ll use some tape there.

While I’ve worked with analogue LED strips for years, this is my first display with digital strips and my first with aluminum channel. Discovering WLED has opened up so many possibilities. :wink:

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