Removing WLED from NodeMCU ESP8266

Strange ask I know, but I previously flashed the above device with WLED, but nolonger need it for this purpose. When trying to re-use it as something else the 8266 device is nolonger detected (as a com port) when connecting to a PC.
I’ve tried couple of different PC’s & variety of cables. Its not a driver issue as a unknown device doesn’t show in ports. The device is not detected at all

WLED itself is working fine, can access the configuration page on the device so know the device is working well.

Any ideas on how to overcome this issue as I really need the device for another purpose? Thanks

This is not something wled can influence.

Make sure you are using a data cable and not just a charging cable. Also, the ESP serial portion could be blown

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Thanks. Just wanted to check if there was something special about how WLED software is programmed but looks like there isn’t. Was able to program it using the gpio pins so looks like it was your second suggestion. Appreciated