Request Sync Notification on Boot

Request: It would be great if there was an option for an instance to request the current sync state on boot. (Might require 1 instance to be designated as primary)

Example scenario: 3 instances, Kitchen, Lounge, Office. All used for Christmas lights. Kitchen and Lounge are powered 24/7, but Office’s power is on a scheduled smart plug timer (due to a loud power supply).

All three instances are set to sync, but if the Kitchen/Lounge preset/effect/brightness/color gets changed while Office is unpowered, when it boots up it will remain out of sync until the next change.

Potential Work arounds:

  1. Schedule a preset to coincide with Office power cycle. (Might be possible to write a preset that makes no visible (or at least noticeable) change.)
  2. Write a Usermod that runs once after boot, pulls the current state via the API from a specific instance and applies it locally.
  3. Use IFTTT or similar to control both the smart plug and request and then forward the current state via the API.

Is there any value in this as a feature request?
Have I missed any obvious work around options?
What’s the neatest, cleanest solution?

Many thanks.

That might be an interesting feature, though IMO a niche one.

For 2. you might want to use Auto Save usermod and modify it to do a WebClient request and parse JSON (there is something similar opened as PR on Github but cloud based).

If possible, 3. would seem easiest solution.