RGB Strings

I bought 2 RGB strings, each 50 in length. I connected these together. Then I connected the “new” 100 chain to pin 2 on a WEMOS D1 mini. In WLED I then switched on a length of 100. However, the two chains are switched separately. The LED 51 (1st LED on the 2nd chain) is synchronous with the 1st LED of the 1st chain.

I’ve read that the RGB strings are probably hard-coded.

Anyone have any idea how I can run both chains as one?

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has figured out any way of reprogramming these - you’re likely stuck with them the way they are. You could always control each one with a different pin to make it behave as one!

How is it possible to connect the 2 Strings to the WEMOS?
Where can i configure the second pin for the second Stripe?

And can i the create motion from one stripe to the other?



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Thx. I will try it :wink:

Happy Hollidays :wink: