Safely use power supply


I want to make my own Ambilight with WLED and Hyperion. My TV is 55" and stands on a cabinet. In the future I would like to mount it on the wall.

I have a 5v10A power supply. I want to use 60 leds/meter (SK6812). With 3 meters (180 leds), the power supply can provide enough power. 3 meters is about the length I need with the tv on the cabinet. But when I mount it, I need 3,8 meters.

  1. Is it possible to disable leds at the start and end of the ledstrip with WLED? So I can use a 4 meter ledstrip (but disable the leds behind the TV stand so they wont use any power)?
  2. And when I mount my TV and use all (=240) the leds, can I use the current limit in WLED to limit it to what the PSU can provide? And is this safe?


  1. Sure, but all addressables use power even when off.

  2. That’s what it’s for.