Single strip demo mode / presets

Hi WLED Community,

I soldered my 2nd WLED controller and I wonder why there is no demo mode. I also own an proprietary SP107E bluetooth controller. There is a “out of the box” demo mode. The controller simply cycles all effects.
I’m just playing with a single SK6812 LED strip. I’m looking for a big preset/playlist that acts similar to the SP107E demo mode. That means cycling or random playing (nearly) all effects with different colors, speed, intensity that make sense anyway.

Thanks in advance,

There’s no “standard demo mode” partly because some of the effects don’t lend themselves to random colours, partly because everyone has a different idea of what’s a good effect and partly because this code is still alive and changing (those are all good things IMO).

Various folks have setup presets/playlists to do these sorts of things, do a search on “cycle effects” and you’ll find some examples.

Thank you. Indeed, I found the hint to use ‘fx=r’ in a preset. It works a bit, but unfortunately I got just full white very often and it’s not the “solid” effect. I watched in webinterface: Always when this happens, no effect ist selected. I suppose the “r”-value is out of range? I couldn’t find a way to define the range for the “r”-values.
Does anyone knows more about using the “r”-value for fx id?