[Solved] WLED 14 Fails to Load on new ESP32

Thought it would be fun to explore LED as a hobby. After considerable research, purchased some components. I’m Stalled at flashing my ESP32. Downloaded and successfully installed “CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller” (version 11.2.0; 10/21/22) on my Win10 machine. Opened “install.wled.me”. Plugged ESP32 into USB (red led lit). Selected (WLED) 0.13.3 (Sound Reactive) from dropdown. Selected Install. Selected “CP2102…” listed (as paired) port. Install appears to start then produces error message.

Failed to initialize. Try resetting your device or holding the boot button while clicking install
Depressing “reset” or “boot” buttons does not seem to resolve. Further attempts to install result in a second error message…

Failed to execute ‘open’ on ‘SerialPort’: The port is already open.
I’m not sure what my system detects as ‘open’ on the port. All programs have been closed and the PC restarted. Same result. Have switched USP ports and networks. Same result. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

OK, got it. Finally got WLED loaded onto my ESP32. Apparently, in addition to holding the ‘boot’ button, one must face West while hopping on one foot and howling at the moon. Seriously, some of these are apparently temperamental. When instructions say ‘hold’ the ‘boot’ button, you must ‘HOLD’ the ‘boot’ button.

How did you get this to work.i bought a WeMos D1 R32 and I’ve tried using the web installer and I get this serial port opening error.my USB data cable is fine, it’s connected to PC and the board is actually brand new even esptool didn’t work.can you help?

What are you connecting to, a PC, Laptop, other?
Does the serial port even appear as a new USB port when you plug it in?
Are you running Windows (what Ver)?

There have been issues with people needing to load proper USB drivers for the devices, but that’s not a particularly common problem.
How do you know “my USB cable is fine”? The boards can take a fair bit of power, plus they need to do data as well.
Make sure there’s nothing else attached to the board when you’re trying to flash.

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I’ve tried using a laptop running windows 10,three desktop PCs,two running windows 10 and one running windows 7.drivers working fine I can see the esp32 on device manager but nothing has worked.com ports also works I can see the device as USB 2.0 serial (ch340x).the web installer gives me the serial port could not open error or gets stuck at web installer.im new with this board and it’s kinda frustrating.

Try hitting the reset button on the board right before you start the install.

I finally got it working!! God I’m so happy I stayed up all night playing around with it.theres nothing covering the installation of wled to the d1 r32 on the internet I could find,however I saw a couple of videos online of people who have had trouble flashing firmware on these devices.one video suggested I put a 4.7uf 16-50v capacitor between the reset pin and ground of the d1 r32 and it worked like a charm I couldn’t believe it.hope this saves someone’s time.thank you all

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I’ve had that on a few devices as well, but the “normal” fix is to hold the Boot button down until the device shows the load has started. I was always able to get a load to work with proper “button hold timing” but it’s definitely a nuisance. Adding the capacitor adds a little more time after the automatic reset from the serial port DTR (?) pin.

Glad you got it working.

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