Sound Reactive and IR Remote dont work together

Hello from Germany,
I am testing WLed with an esp32, the newest Software 0.13.0-b7 and an Infraret Sensor and a Remote Control (24-key RGB). This works fine - many Thanks to the developer.
But I have one little Problem. I want to use both - Sound Reactive and an IR Remote. So I installed the Version 013.0-b6 (Sound Reactive). With this Software the control with sound works but the IR Remote no longer works.
Can someone help me ?

Check with Sound Reactive WLED, they have their own Discord.
AFAIK IR is not compiled for SR.

in here select the board for SR esp32 with infrared enabled

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You´re the best …

Both - IR Remote and Sound Reactiv woks very fine.

Thank you very much and have a nice Sunday.

Best Regards from Germany


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