Sound reactive WLED and esp32 crashes

Hi everyone,

I am at level zero so please be patient and sorry if this not the right place to post .

I have 8x32 matrix ws2812b and wanted to do sound reactive WLED .

I did that with what I have at hand, ESP32 and KY38 as in the drawing below

esp32V1_WS2812B_KY38_WLED.png - Google Drive

We need to keep things tidy so I must run only one power cable. I have seen others feed power to the end of strip and connect the controller to the start of strip (controller is receiving power from the pins)

The circuit is somewhat stable with WLED normal effects ,the circuit still works after adding the ky38 and even with sound reactive function with around 0.45 Amp with good brightness ,but my issues are :

1 ) Random crashes when changing sound reactive effects in WLED and/or having high brightness .
Circuit still works with no crashes If we select standard effects ( None sound reactive )

2)I set a limit of 850 mA in WLED but one time prior to a crash I seen 1.5 A drawn from PSU (which means WLED current limit is not working due to my wiring setup) . This is a safety concern which I hope someone could help with.

I was finalizing the plan to use the same circuit in multiple rooms using 5m (300led ) strips but now will hold this and wait for an advice to avoid burning our house

Thank you

KY-38 is a sensor not a microphone. Check sound reactive wiki for compatible hardware.

Thank you , As I mentioned I used what I had at hand , but this not the reason for crashing. I think it has to do with the wiring . Because now even if I start to play with the WLED setting without the ky38 , it’s still not stable .

If I eliminate the ky-38 do you think this is a safe circuit?

Your power supply may not be sufficient to run both the ESP32 and lights at higher brightness settings.
Try keeping your brightness at 40% and see if that improves stability.
If so you may need to upgrade your power.

Thx, I want to try the 40 watts PSU next on the circuit without the Ky-38.

Did you see any such project before that feeds power from the end of the strip.? If so I would appreciate a link

Many projects feed the MCU from the same power line going to the strip.
As long as the PSU has enough capacity and the power lines are heavy enough for the distance to the strip, it should be no issue.

You might need a larger PSU in the end.
As a rough guess, 8x32=256 LED’s @0.3W/LED ~ 80W max power for your PSU.

Hi , I did add the 40watts PSU today and its working now but not without very minor bugs which i think part HW and part SW , thanks for the advice about the power which lots of guys dnt care for when starting .

It is even music reactive although KY-38 is not a microphone and not listed on WLED github , it must be a miracle


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thanks for the awesome information.

hope you never face such issues but if you do then check the below simple guide which fixed all our issue and it has a very simple diagram that even you can follow

Getting Started - WLED Project

Hello, What is your setup this please?


That was history … now we have few of those , SRWLED and wled14beta is much better and eraser to use

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