SPI help

I need help i have some 12 V LED’s that i got and they say they are ws2811’s but they are controlled by SPI. i cant get them to respond correctly. when i have them on a solid color the blink through all the colors. i know im close i just need a bit of help.
ps im running esp8266 as my controller with 0.13.1 WLED on it.

If they’re actually ws2811’s, then you should be able to use the WS281x protocol.

You may need a level shifter to get the output up to 5V data levels.
Make sure there’s a common ground connection from the esp8266 to the strip and your power supplies.

Posting a schematic or picture of your basic setup may help.

If they are SPI use either WS2801 ot APA102 instead of WS281x.

Of course.

The dead giveaway would be how many wires are physically connected to the strip?

3 wires => V+, Data, Gnd implies WS281x style
4 wires => V+ Data, Clk, Gnd implies SPI APA102, etc

Thank you

So I am running 12v power supply to LED/ 12v to 5v converter for my esp you reminded me to add back in the level shifter and now after they it is back in line. Everything is working. It is a bit glitchy but I think I need to play with the refresh rate and I will have it. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Lee F Kahle