Switch between input-modes

Hi all,
I really like WLED, but unfortunately I am missing a very important feature:
I have WLED with a LED Strip behind my TV. I’m using three options to control this LEDs/WLED:

  1. directly WLED for static colors, with an IR-Remote and with the Web Interface
  2. Hyperion, via UDP Stream
  3. LedFX, via e131 stream.

I now want to switch between this inputs. That means, if I press a color button on the remote I want that color to overwrite whatever Hyperion and LedFX is sending. I don’t have the IR remote yet, but I think that is already possible.
What I would like to have are „UDP“ and „e131“ Buttons on the remote and on the webinterface I can use to switch to this streams.
Right now I have to stop the Hyperion or the LedFX stream, but that isn’t really comfortable since I need three webinterfaces (Hyperion, LedFX, WLED). Having an option to switch streams included into WLED would be much more convenient! What do you think?

What about loading a configuration change via the JSON API?
That should let you enable/disable the different interfaces by reloading the configuration settings?
You could try doing it manually through the GUI to see if you get what you want.

Not sure if there’s any way to get a preset to load configuration changes (yet?).

Great Idea! When I am informed correctly, it is also possible to execute the API via the IR-Remote, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s working. I can disable Hyperion (UDP) with deactivating Receive UDP realtime and LedFX (e131) with switching Network DMX input Type from e131 to another option, e.g. Art-Net.

Well, that’s the problem. If I read this API documentation correctly, the API doesn’t include an option to load configuration-presets yet.

I don’t know a whole lot about sync configurations. But you should be able to find the settings in question from /json. Anything in “state” you should be able to update changing and sending back to the JSON api. And if that works, you can use the same command in your ir.json file or in a preset.

It just doesn’t look like the JSON-API is supporting the parameters I need yet, at least I haven’t found them in this documentation.
Or am I getting something wrong?

In a browser enter http://[your nodes ip]/json You will get a JSON response back. In the “state” section of that, you can see all of the values that you can modify and the format it should be in.

I’ve edited my original comment couple of minutes later after I realized what you mean.

Since there isn’t any response, does that mean there is no interest in including this setting into the JSON-API?

It sounds like that is on the road map for version 0.14. If you are not that patient, there is an undocumented endpoint at /json/cfg that would let you change the settings in question. But that would be complicated to use with a button press.

So it would probably require a user mod. You could also modify the decodeCustomIR function in ir.cpp.

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That sounds great!
I am definitely patient enough to wait for it, just wanted to know whether it will be implemented or not.

Awesome. I am looking forward to this also.