Switching between interfaces

I must be missing something, I haven’t used WLED since the holiday season but noticed the new update added “PC Mode” with all settings on one page. I can’t seem to find (after looking through all the different WLED configuration pages) where the setting is to switch interface modes.

Sorry for such a basic UI question, I have to be overlooking the option and its driving me nuts!

Hi @pointbrink, the switching between interfaces (mobile UI and standard UI) is obsolete since 0.9.

The new UI is the onyl one for both browsers on desktops and mobile phones.

Thanks for the reply, I guess my misunderstanding is in the summary:

“PC mode (all settings on one page)”

When I open WLED in my desktop browser I expected to see everything on one page, or an option to do so.

Yes, you only can choose to do so :smile:

If possible it would be nice to autodetect the browser and switch if called from a mobile browser or
a desktop

Lol! How do I choose it… ELI5? haha

click on the “PC Mode” Icon to turn it ON/Off

Also keep in mind that the PC mode icon (next to config icon) will not appear if the width of the browser window is not sufficient to enter PC mode :slight_smile: