Time/Macro not working. Help!


For the life of me I can’t figure out why my timed preset is not working. Any idea’s?

esp 8266

(blue color) On preset:

Off preset: is just T=0

Both work when clicking them in the GUI.

For some reason the lights are not coming on at 8pm in the SS you will see 8:01pm as I tried that to see if it would help. Nope. However I did test them at like 2am. I went outside and set them to turn on 1 min after whatever the current time was and then to turn off 1 min after that and it worked. So I have no idea why it is not working at 8pm and off at 12am. Thoughts?

Pix attached.

Maybe the 24 is throwing it off? After 23:59, it goes to 0.

Thx for the idea. I’ll give 23:59 a try. I did try 24:00 and still had issues. We’ll see what happens.

24 is every hour.
if you want midnight use 0.

That explains alot LOL. No wonder I was seeing them on and off at different times :laughing: Thank You. Also good news 23.59 seemed to work. I’ll give 0 a try tomorrow.