Tiny esp-01 wled shield

Hey, i create a tiny esp0-1 wled shield with 5v to 3v3 psu and 2 Level shifter to Drive a apa102 stripe.

Today my prototypes from pcbway arrived. I forgot the ams1117, and Hope they arrived tomorrow.

What are you think about this?

Greetz from Hamburg

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That is really cute, I like it!
Have you chosen to use a 4MB SPI flash module? I would recommend that for flawless OTA updates :slight_smile:
Edit: Just realized, you are probably not soldering a raw ESP chip onto this, but the entire ESP-01 module. Disregard :slight_smile: Anyways, I’d love if they made ESP01 with 4MB flash, 1MB is just so little for applications where you want wireless updating.

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I want to try it with the esp-01s. I Hope it will Run Hyperion (udp) and Artnet, and maybe the Rainbow Effekt If it’s standalone.

Thanks for your Like!

Sorry for my Bad english.

I Like your Projekt so hard, iam searching for a Hyperion Client so Long, and than i have find your f**min Genius Projekt, i have 2 esp32wrooms one with ws2812 and one with apa102 and it’s in sinc And so easy. Thank you so much!

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It’s alive!

If you want, U can Order it Here:PCB from PCBWay

I power the Stripes from the “Back”, so i have only 4 wires to the Controller. I think it’s a good way to manage the powerwire from the downside, and have the WiFi on the top of the Stripe.

FYI, it is not at all difficult to ‘upgrade’ an ESP-01 to 4M memory. I did it just for fun. The memory chips are readily available and inexpensive and it was not difficult to solder-in the replacement. That greatly expanded the Flashing options for the -01.

Oh, thats Sound very nice!

Would you be willing to share chip source (link), and perhaps photos of before & after? I imagine that would spare more confidence in people on the fence about doing the DIY memory upgrade.

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Here is a photo of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ The one on the bottom has the replacement
W25Q32FV memory chip. These are readily available from a number of sources including Ebay. I paid about $0.50 each for them a while back.
This particular one is flashed with Tasmota but I am certain WLED would work fine as well…

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Done. I posted a picture and the chip datasheet. Not too much to show, all I did was solder in a new chip and everything worked fine. I also tried this on a Sonoff Basic with similar results. Again, no particular purpose other than flashing a full Tasmota and seeing if I could do it


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Hello @AllEx

do I understand correctly, that it is possible to run WLED with a bunch of Apa102 led’s with this setup? Could you maybe give some instructions or a manual on how to set everything up? (Connections etc.)

Is it possible to contact you in some other messenger to have a deeper conversation about this (maybe also in german :slight_smile: ).

Kind regards

Yeah, it’s posible. I Power my Stripes
from “Back” and this ist all i need.