Touch Sensor - ESP8266


I’m having some troubles with the touch sensor and I’m wondering if it’s a general problem (or I’m too stupid :crazy_face:)

WLED vo.10.0-b6, ESP8266, TTP223B (blue board - Pin D3), LED WS2812B (Pin D4)

1.) Settings - LED & Hardware setup - Button 0 GPIO: 0 Pushbutton
This is the only way it works, Touch doesn’t work. For that reason I really have to push the button, but I would like to hide it. (which should be possible). Because it is configured to pushbutton, the Touch threshold: 100 doesn’t work, so… :sob:

2.) This is funny
When I turn the power on and the Touch Sensor is connected. Only the 1-2 leds are on and in white or green. Nothing is working (web connection, touch sensor,…).
Now the funny part: when I disonnect the Data Pin (D3) from the Touch Sensor and I turn it on. It works, also when I reconnect the Data (D3) the touch sensor is working (not like I want see (1)).

is this normal?

Many thx for help, maybe somebody has an idea, what I’m doing wrong

TTP223B sensor working in 2 modes. One is like a momentary button and second is a switch. All depends how you configuring.

oh okay, …
Is this with the soldering? I have found this information from TTP223B with red boards. I will have to check this if it’s similar with my blue board

Ahh headache… :sweat_smile: , but thx for the info

ok i found the way to increase the sensitivty:


it’s nothing to do with sensitivity. Here is configurations chart. you need momentary type - No lock low, level. Power must be 3.3V not 5V!

Thx. (youtube: sensitivity was the wrong word: range :slight_smile: )

Yes, I found this information with the red bord. But my is a little bit different :dizzy_face: It has no A / B
I will search in the internet how to configure it.

I solved the problem: I just orderd the red board ttp223b. (4€ for 5pcs… searching and reprogramming takes too much time)

So I received the red one and it works. It’s much smaller than the blue one and cheaper.

I was looking around and there is / should be a way to configure the blue one. You have to change some lines in the source code and compile it again. (too much work and too much error possibilites, beside that if you update the firmware you have to reconfigure it again)

so I spend the 3€ … one beer less this week :sweat_smile:

I’m glad you sort it out.

If somebody is interested:

  1. Picture: solder A together
  2. Picture: the grey (D4) is the Data Cable to the LED
  3. Picture: white and black powersupply for the LED
  4. Picture: in Macros Button 0: there you save the macros / presents
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if somebody is interested if you can “expand” the sensor range or sensibility:

Yes it is possible.

  1. scratch a little bit of the sensor away (not much, just a little bit, till you see the metal)
  2. take a cable. I uses a cable from a very old headset for testing. I recommend a more thicker one, but it also works
  3. solder it together…
  4. roll it up
  5. finish

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How did you configure it in LED Preferences? As a Touch sensor? Push button? Any other?

as a button, there is an image (above)

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