Triangle Custom PCB

I am having some fun designing some PCBs in a triangle shape. I want to combine three of them and make a Triforce (from legend of zelda). I will 3D print a white or clear case and use it as a Christmas tree topper, and it will be on a desk or counter the rest of the year. I already have one, but the lights are neopixel jewels, which are decidedly not triangles.

Enough with the motivation, here is the PCB right now:

I haven’t done the copper pours for the ground or 5V yet. I am planing on using WS2812B-mini LEDs. They are 3.5mmx3.5mm, so small, but not that hard to solder.

The PCB fab will probably charge the same for 5-10 of them as for 1, so I would like all three triangles to have the same PCB.

First off, what do you think?

Secondly, I have something that would be ready to use. But with a little more effort, I could add in an esp to the back. I am thinking an esp8266-12F, or else an esp32-C3-C05 (Can I even build WLED for the C3?). Any issues with driving 45 LEDs from one 8266?

What would I need for that?

I would need some programming pins (tx,rx, gnd, d0).

I would need a 5V to 3.3V power supply (like an LM1117? It has been a while since I needed one of these). It only needs to power the esp, and only down from 5V to 3.3V. So a buck converter seems like overkill (is it?).

What do I have to do for the antenna? Cut a hole? Just make sure the copper pours aren’t covering the antenna? I don’t want anything to reach outside of the triangle, but I don’t mind a cutout.

If I also added a USB mini, micro, or USB-C connector, I could make the whole thing a lot neater. 45 LEDs at 60mA is over 2.5A, but I could limit it in software. It will be too bright to look at if I let it use all 60mA. I think I have some SMD usb mini connectors in the basement.

What would you do differently? Please share your ideas. It will take a few weeks to get the PCBs, so it probably makes sense to think about what else I could add for a day or two before making the order.

And, if there are any open source designs for WLED boards that you think I should see, please link them for me. I am happy to learn from the lessons of others!

i only seen this on discord

Universal WLED wemos shield - Share Project - PCBWay

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That is a slick project. Thanks for pointing that out. That project looks like it is just the LEDs (which would be fine, honestly). A lot of them in there too.

I decided to stuff the esp8266 in there. The esp32-C3 is the same footprint, but I don’t see a wled build for it. I could probably build it myself, but the esp8266 will work just fine (45 leds). AFAIK, the C3 needs different build flags. At least, it did when I built tasmota for it.

Things are a little cramped, and I learned a bit more. But I can build one with the ESP and the other two just daisy chained on.

I didn’t do a USB connector. I will just solder bare wires to the DIN connector and add a power supply with a crimped on connector (like a dupont or a molex).

The two things I haven’t decided yet are:

  • Should I add some mounting holes? I have the current neopixel jewels just hot glued on. I am leaning towards omitting them. There just isn’t enough space for an M3 hole, and I don’t want to mess with M2 or smaller.
  • Should I order it with HASL (cheap) or ENIG (about $15 more). I am not planning on eating the boards, and there aren’t any teeny tiny parts, so I am leaning towards the HASL. I don’t care about shelf life, and I will be hand soldering, so adding a little flux won’t hurt.

Here is pyramid with similar idea.


That pyramid is cool! Do you have a link to any details?

I opted to order it without the holes, and in HASL. I hope I am close enough to get something working. I ordered 5x, and plenty of LEDs for several of them. The PCBs cost $10 and the parts I was missing were $15, including slow shipping (should be less than 3 weeks though).

Wish me luck! If it works, I might order some more. I am also eager to try using just one at a time, even though I designed it for 3. It might be nice to keep it compact.

In my limited testing with cubes and led fixtures , there is no advantage to the MCU being attached to
the leds PCB . As there is room inside the fixture ,it would be good solution to add any shield to the base of the pyramid . I am concern if you make this then replacing the triangle with the MCU in case of a led failure is going to be an issue . In the example below I would just replace one of the sides and still keep the MCU .

I like the pyramid Seg74 posted ( he is one who designed the shield ) but not sure of the details

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  • ESP12-F module
  • Relay for power cut off
  • IR receiver
  • headers for serial upload
    Most important part powered by WLED :slight_smile:
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The advantage of having it attached is just fewer wires to make. But I can still use an external mcu. I just wouldn’t install the esp.

I am going to be doing all the soldering myself. No PnP machine here.

how can i get one ?

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Get one of what? Pyramid or PCB?

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How is the wifi signal? Looks like you have copper below the antenna.

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I haven’t gotten the pcbs yet. I did manage keep the pour away from the antenna. I had a cutout in the board, but it looked wonky. There is an LED there, so there are some traces.

I will let you know when I get it.

Do you have a post about your build somewhere? Are the pcbs available?

(I don’t believe you owe me anything, but those are the details I was curious about).

I would be pretty happy to have a little pcb pyramid on my desk. But one project at a time (haha, yeah right).

Like you I would like to test a little led pyramid .
I am not sure but is it possible to get a pyramid ( with/without an MCU ) without going via PCB way ? like from Serg or other places

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I have to check what I have in my storage box. It might happen I have few boards around. Regarding design files, have to check too.

I don’t have another one assembled, sorry. It’s kind of long process and I think it’s not worth it to make production unit. Will be too expensive.

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