Trick for Adding 2nd Dig-Uno to the Network?

Howdy all! Is there a trick to adding a 2nd Dig-Uno (D1 Mini) to WLED? The Flash went smooth. When I open up my network on my desktop, I can see the MAC address for the 2nd D1 Mini, but it doesn’t look like it is getting an IP address from DHCP. I am wondering if it is a naming issue? I am able to connect to it as WLED-AP network, and put my network name and password in, but when I open the full WLED app and search for new, it never finds it. Is there something else I should be changing when I initially search for new WiFi networks to add the network name and password?

EDIT - I found a makeshift workaround. If I add the 2nd Dig-Uno to a different WIFI network, it is able to be located by WLED. This leads me to believe that it is a naming issue for DHCP.

Definitely could be dhcp issue but usually the router will use MAC address also.

Only way to know for sure is power one on at a time login to the router and de wireless what ip gets assigned. I certainly have had a few things with the same name and dhcp figures it out.

Could it be that they are both using the same HOSTNAME? I say that because I was having the same issue with a different LED program (FastLED) that uses that variable. I was stuck on this for a while before it clicked.

Definitely could be a problem having same hostname. But if it is your router needs an upgrade, it should be smarter.