Under cabinet lighting powered from attic

I’m brand new to the community and could use a head start on my project, especially on the hardware to buy.
Before remodel there was 2 wire low voltage wire fished through the wall into attic to a 12 V power adapter. There is a power switch already in the wall controlling the adapter plug in the attic.

  1. Use existing 2 wire low voltage to power RGBW under each cabinet - 5 different runs
  2. Have all 5 controlled by switch on wall, WLED app, or remote control

What power adapter and parts are recommended for 5 different led short runs?
Should I use ESP8266 or ESP32 or something else?
What remote control would be recommended and is there an added function to accept RF remote?

Existing 2 wire can be used to power everything (provided AWG rating is adequate).

Wall switch will most likely just cut power from PSU and will make all your WLED devices unusable. You will need to run separate wire pair from switch to one WLED device and connect it to compatible GPIO.

If your RGBW strips are analog you will need MOSFETs attached to ESP to drive them. There are WLED controllers that feature them. Unfortunately if you want individual control over each of the runs you will need more than 1 ESP since each requires 4 outputs. Consider switching from analog to digital LEDs.

Take a look into knowledge base.