Uneven 2d matrix for use of different led-rings

hi guys,

I’m looking for a solution to use 2 led-rings, one with 16 leds the other with 24 leds as a 2d matrix to use 2d effects. the rings are configured as a 40 led stripe right now, but that makes no use of 2d effects.

Has anyone an idea on that or are there any solutions that I was unable to find via forum search??

Any help appreciated…

have a good one - cheers

An example of mapping 241 rings as 17x17 matrix is here , Discord , i have also tested with less leds and its the same process and result is the same Discord


thanks, but I’m unsure if you got me right… one ring is smaller than the other (less leds) so to match up a matrix when placing the smaller inside the bigger, a ratio of 2/3 leds is neccesary to match the same color on both rings.

I can’t open your discord links by the way, sorry

and my rings are WS2812 leds…


How can you tell if you do not open the discord and yes when i say i tested on 241 rings it means rings are of different sizes

when I try to open the discord links, discord says there is no text channel, I only used Discord for gaming voice channels before, but I tried to open your link!

Join discord and you will see my posts and others in the 2d channel , i can not even give you the ledmaps i used due to restriction on discourse

when I open this address:


I only get an announcement: You are at a weird place, and either you got no access to a text channel or there are no text channels on the server…

(freely translated from german) because my discord uses german language, sorry ??? I don’t know what went wrong using your link…

Yeah could be link issue , if you can join wled discord then all of that will be solved , there is even a German channel in discord if you want that .

thanks a lot I’ll try to join and reuse your link, sorry for the inconvenience :wink:

have a nice day!