What kind of led is it (fairy/christmas light)

Hello , I have buy an led garland on Aliexpress (this model : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005955549454.html, which was sold as an WS2811 led light on 12v DC. The led can be controlled with an IR remote to produce effects.

So I installed Wled onto a wt32-eth01 v1.4 card, all is ok for this part.
I have disassembled the controller and there is a thing that I don’t understand :
I have a + and - wire on input, and the same on the output and , the data wire was soldered with the + 12v wire.
With my wled controller, I put the 2 grounds in common (12v and 5v for esp),
put 12v dc on the + & - wire,
and used the gpio2 for data pin, and tried others, but without success.
With the 12v , the string light on fixed white colore, but nothing change when I want to use some wled effects.
I can’t identify what kind of ic is used with the pcb, because the marks on the ic chip seems be erased.

Here are some pics.

Maybe can anyone help me?


I don’t see a data wire there?

Seems that might be done so that one set of LEDs lights with one polarity and another set does when swapped, and the controller just swaps polarity sometimes.

Yep classic 2 wire polarity swap LED design, if you watch them you’ll notice it’s actually 2 interleaved strings with pairs (every 3rd, 5th, etc.) reacting together.

Unfortunately that means it’s not compatible with WLED.

I think if you remove those white plastic cover balls it will look like these… these are 2812b based RGB/GRB fairy lights, I’m making a big lighting project 20(parallel)x100 with these fairy lights using this super WLED

The lights from the OP are not addressable seed pixels like you have. You can sort of tell from the last pic in the Ali’ listing.

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Oh, what a pity!, I had chosen this led strip thinking it was ws281xx addressable leds.
Here are some new pics of the leds without the cap.
Sorry for quality, but the phone is on Macro-mode , and the chips are really small.

So, I will rewire the original controller, and give them to my parents.
They don’t have an Home Assistant automated house like me, and a manual remote for the effects will do the job for they… :smile:

Thank you at all the reacting people, :grinning:
I will now search a new really addressable string (but with g40 bulbs this time! :thinking:)

–>Mike (from Belgium)