What kind of LED strip should I use?

Hey everyone, I have a small 370cm230cm (12ft8.8ft) room. I want to vertically install 4 LED strips to each corner from ceiling to floor which is something around 270cm (8.8ft). My aim is to use the LED lights on a sound reactive mode for playing music in my room. I will use WLED for that purpose. But the issue is, I couldn’t decide on which LED I should buy. Power injection or efficiency is not an issue for me, as long as the system works as good as possible. Heat dissipation is also not a problem since I will use the LEDs pretty occasionally. I’m new on the field and I’ve been overwhelmed by the information and options available in the market. I just want them to look homogeneous, and because of that I’ve considered neon LED strips. But they just seemed too small to give out a good brightness. What do you guys recommend?