While sending UDP from LedFX, lights get data but only responding to blue and white?

I’m running the lights with Lightjams & LedFX and different times, because i must configure each light in a new universe for lightjams to work, I’m using UDP to send commands from LedFX. UPD from LedFX only sends blue and white. e1.31 gets colors and data no problem, but for my project i need to use UDP. any insights?

Do you know what UDP protocol xLights is sending? It is possible that the utilized protocol is not compatible with the one WLED expects - that could lead to only some channels getting recognized.
If the Hyperion type 0 UDP protocol was used, you could try port 19446.

AIRCOOKIE! you are my #1 person! I wouldnt have thought that changing the port would have a different color standard. interesting . anyway it working now and I couldn’t be happier. Venice beach party this weekend!

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Awesome! I could hardly imagine xLights using the non-standard protocol available on port 21324 :wink:

any chance i could use udp to broadcast to two separate groups? before i thought I’d be just using a slightly different port number.