WLED 10.2 Arduino Compile Error

Hello. I’m getting the below error when compiling 10.2. The only code change I made is the LEDPIN. I’ve successfully compiled using everything as currently configured going back to version 8.6. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to resolve this issue.


Arduino: 1.8.12 (Windows 10), Board: “MH ET LIVE ESP32MiniKit, 80MHz, Default with spiffs, 921600, None”

sketch\json.cpp: In function ‘bool serveLiveLeds(AsyncWebServerRequest*, uint32_t)’:

json.cpp:518:22: error: ‘class AsyncWebSocketClient’ has no member named ‘queueLength’

 if (!wsc || wsc->queueLength() > 0) return false; //only send if queue free


From Aircoookie in the chat…

Websocket support (which is now enabled by default) requires my fork of the EspAsyncWebserver library https://github.com/Aircoookie/ESPAsyncWebServer It will also compile if you remove the || wsc->queueLength() > 0 part or if you disable websockets entirely in wled.h by commenting out #define WLED_ENABLE_WEBSOCKETS**

That worked. I see instructions for PlatformIO but not Arduino. Guess it’s time to finally make the switch.
Thanks again @tonyno for the help.

Thanks @tonyno for spreading the word :slight_smile:
Just added the info to the wiki and the release since it affects everyone who compiles from source and does not use PlatformIO!