WLED run clock as single segment?

Hi All,

as all others before myself reported … amaziiing work at all.
I rolled out the WLED also on normal 12v rgb stripes with additional solder a esp 8266/esp32 on top of the normal 12v controller… to transit a normal 12v led rgb or rgbw stripes to work with wled. It needed some step up step down modules but all in all it works great . the most good one is- I have at home now all LED controller running WLED firmware which makes it easy to work with dmx as well. Remeber by RGB stipes to set in ledfx more than 1 led otherwise it will not work - i faced with that problem and could solve it to switch to 10 leds in wled config and ledfx config.

I just have one open question:

can I use a normal 2 m sting of leds and add at the end a neopixel ring as seperate segment? O would add to an existing controller the ring as a analog clock but would have 2 “virtual” devices; one is reactong on segment 1 and 1 as segement 2.

can anyone tell me if that is possible?

thx and enjoy your creativity,

v0r73x -
I wasn’t able to find any contact details in your github repository GitHub - v0r73x/homebridge-magic-triones: Triones LED Lightbulb Plugin but I’ve found you here so hopefully you read this.

I wanted to let you know that I used your homebridge-magic-triones on my generic bluetooth outdoor floodlight. The only change I had to make was the handle used in index.js. Specifically, I changed the line:

this.handle = config.handle || 0x0009; // v9 is 0x000b

to use 0x0009.

I don’t know if this is of use to you but wanted to let you know. Sorry I couldn’t use your github but you don’t have any way for people to log issues and you didn’t put any contact detail there.