WLED xLights RGBW interesting issue

WLED worked out of the box for my RGBW pixels so I was pleased with that. Been messing around with xLights and ran into an issue. When I select RGBW in WLED and RGBW nodes in xLights everything is out of sync. When I select RGB in xLights it works but it is using both the white channel and RGB channel to “create” white. When I tell WLED just RGB and xLights it is RGBW everything works as expected in xLights but not in WLED. Any ideas on how to get this sorted? Thanks!

Have the same issue. There should be a slider in WLED to change the addition of white to RGB.
Workaround is the saturation slider in xlights.

What version of WLED are you running?
When I chose RGBW as a string type, I get an additional W slider beyond RGB.

Actually there is a setting in WLED for the behaviour of white.