WS2812B led without light

I am working on a project with some WS2812 60 led IP65 led strips, I could already flash my ESP32 Woorm 38 pin board (Esp32_Devkit_v4) I am using a 5V 6A source to power a 99 led strip and configure the para profiles in the app these parameters. I have the Esp32 connected to the 5V pin, D2 to Din with a resistance of 470 Ohm and the ground wire to the GND pin. The app recognizes the board, however you don’t turn on the lights, I thought the lights were burned out or some wire was damaged , but I measured continuity for 5V + and GND and everything is fine Din does not give continuity signal (Is it normal?) in the + and - cables I have a 1000 mF 16V capacitor I measured voltage at all points including the continuity of all the terminals my 5V adapter and everything is fine I don’t know what else to try if someone has any help please

Din does not give continuity where? It needs continuity between controller and led.

If your ESP32 ground wire and the WS2812 ground wires are not electrically connected, that is a real problem. If you measure the voltage between the ESP32 ground and strip ground, it should be 0V all the time. If it is anything but 0V, it’s a problem.

I’m having the same issue, I checked that the ground is connected properly and it is. I’m using a stabilised DC to power the NodeMCU I got.

I’m using these leds strip:

are they compatibile (not sure if the E version is supported). If so, what can I do to check? the pin is correct I think (D4)

Turns out plugging the data pin on the wrong end of the strip didn’t work, all good now!